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Why Should We Not Wear Gemstones Without Astrological Consultation?

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Many of us are aware of the strong relationship between planets, energies, and gems. They have long been considered one of the most incredible and miraculous means to improve our lives and get the desired results. Gemstones have a variety of distinctive characteristics, colors, and vibrations. It is believed that each gemstone has special properties and energy that can treat different elements of our lives. Bejandaruwalla provides great Gemstone Recommendation to people.

Gemstones or Vedic gems are mineral crystals that have mystical properties that affect anything or anyone that comes in contact with them. Scientifically, 9 natural and Vedic gems affect the mind, heart, and whole body of a human being. The main power of gems lies in the colors they emit. Sun rays passing through the gemstone emit a cosmic color which is absorbed by the body and chakras. Although modern science has failed to recognize the mystical powers of gems, they are widely used to heal physical and emotional afflictions. Different gems have different properties; What makes a gemstone unique, attractive, and attractive is its color, cut, transparency, and vibrancy.

Why Wear Gems?

Basically, the number of gems is 9. The Nava Ratnas represent the 9 astrological planets referred to in ancient Vedic texts as the keys to counteracting negative karmic forces and healing the mind and body. They purify and strengthen the chakras and restore them to their natural order.

What Is A Gem?

Gems are a kind of stone, by which one can get rid of many problems, diseases, and financial difficulties. The planets also get strength by wearing them. Some gems are colorful, some are plain, some are of rare density, some are of dense density, some gems are transparent, and some gems are opaque. All these gems are made up of one or the other chemical proportions.

What Effect Do Gems Have On Our Lives?

Gemstones were said by ancient sages to be able to nullify the negative effects of planets and further enhance the positive effects. The colors and vibrations of specific gemstones correspond directly to the colors and vibrations of the various chakras.

By wearing gems touching the skin in particular fingers, we enhance the transmission of cosmic color rays emitted by the planets which are condensed by the gems and transmitted through the body thus empowering specific chakras. energy body. The chakras are ruled by the gods and planets and once they get the authority; One receives strength, courage, support, luck, and blessings from the divine energies to achieve success.

Basically, the distinctive properties of the 9 natural and Vedic gems make them even more valuable, and favorable and have a significant contribution in curing diseases. Simply put, the body needs rays of all 7 colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Each colored ray is associated with one or more chakras. Aura, the etheric body or bio-magnetic layer, is a subtle energy field that surrounds the physical body. With the color ray in favor of a particular chakra, one can heal the concerned areas and organs to a great extent.

Planets And Their Various Accurate Gemstone Recommendation

Yellow Sapphire/Pukhraj

The gemstone recommendation for Jupiter is Yellow Sapphire. It enhances spiritual personality, communication skills, goal achievement, promotion, and desired abundance. It cures insomnia and thyroid problems as it strengthens the throat (Vishuddha) chakra.

Blue Sapphire/Neelam

People going through changes due to Saturn are advised to wear blue sapphire. It enhances intuition, dispels illusions, strengthens decision-making abilities, and helps you attain spiritual enlightenment. It cures headaches and sinuses as it empowers the third eye chakra.

Red Coral

Red coral is the gemstone that represents Mars. It gives emotional and physical strength as well as stability on a personal and professional level. It cures piles and bone-related problems as it provides strength Root (root) chakra.


Ruby is the stone that symbolizes the Sun. It gives power, and wealth and preserves your health.


Pearl gemstone is suitable for the Moon. It calms your mind, brings courage against all odds, and instills harmony in relationships. It heals the sex organs that are governed by the Sacral Chakra.


Emerald is the recommended gemstone for Mercury. It helps in fulfilling your desires, makes you compassionate, and strengthens your spiritual side. It heals the heart and lower lungs which are governed by the heart chakra.

Cat’s Eye

Cat’s Eye is the recommended gemstone for Rahu.  It is best for abstract thinking, self-discipline, permanence, fortitude, shield against negative forces, and ultimately enlightenment. It cures bone-related ailments as it acts on the Muladhara Chakra.


Gomed is the recommended gemstone for Rahu. It attracts fortune, power, and divine blessings. It cures neurological disorders as it regulates the Crown Chakra.


Those who are experiencing the effect of Venus should wear Diamonds. Being one of the most precious gemstones, it bestows the wearer with wealth, successful married life, and compassion. It cures diabetes and blood pressure as it rules the heart chakra.

Why Sometimes Gems Don’t Give You The Desired Results?

Gemstones are beautiful gifts of nature; This metaphysics can solve any problem. Different gems have different benefits and are used for different purposes. Each gemstone has its own spiritual qualities. Gemstones Recommendation helps to solve your problem. Almost everyone has to face problems in their life. Problems vary from person to person. Some have career problems, some have marriage problems, and some have health problems but all have problems.

It is believed that problems arise only because of the wrongly placed planets in our horoscope. When a planet is in the wrong position it gives some inauspicious effects. But when two or more planets are malefic they have more inauspicious effects. Here we use gemstone therapy to reduce the inauspicious effects. There are many ways to reduce the inauspicious effects of planets in the horoscope, but wearing gems is considered more effective. Many problems go away after wearing the stone.

But how to know which gemstone should be worn, and which planet is weak or in the wrong position? Here gemstone recommendation works. Because sometimes you may have to face more problems by wearing the wrong gemstone. It is better to wear gems only after consulting an astrologer. Some gemstones are not suitable for everyone, wearing a suitable gemstone can make you gain everything, and wearing a wrong gemstone can make you lose everything.

It would be better if you chose a gemstone recommendation before buying any gemstone. Astrologers can help us to know our birthstone, our lucky stone, suitable stone, and many more. Consult an astrologer for gemstone recommendation; They will check your horoscope. Many websites develop software to check the suitable gemstone but the software tells you the result from the stored data.

An astrologer helps us to give better results. Astrologers can tell you which planet is giving malefic effects, which planet needs remedies, and why that planet is suitable for you. Sometimes some planets are in the wrong position but do not give a malefic effect, then you need not wear the gemstone of that planet. Lucky Gemstone recommendation also helps to know which gemstone combination should be worn and which combination should not be worn.

It would be better to consult an expert or an experienced astrologer to know which planet is giving benefits. Sometimes it also happens that some of our planets are in the right place and if we use the gems of those planets then that planet gives us negative effects. Sometimes it also happens that some of our planets are in the right place and if we use the gems of those planets then that planet gives us negative effects. For example: Even if Venus is in the right place, the person wears a diamond. Then he will have to face the negative effects of Venus.

There are many such cases and everything varies from person to person. 9 precious gems are the most influential gems which are used for the main nine planets. All these precious gems give a first impression and sometimes have negative effects too. Even some semi-precious gems can have negative effects. Gemstone recommendation also helps you to know the right procedure to wear a gemstone.

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Why Is It Necessary To Consult An Astrologer Before Wearing A Gemstone?

Guidance is very important before buying anything. There are some zodiac signs who are prohibited from wearing precious and semi-precious gems. Talk to astrologers to know which gemstone you should wear. Gemstone recommendation is important to protect yourself from the negative (bad) effects of gems.

Many gems have the ability to influence our lives in both favorable and inauspicious ways. Apart from the actions, results, or thoughts of the wearer, the entire body and mind of the wearer are also influenced by the gems. To avoid the negative effects of any gemstone, it is essential to consult a Gemstone expert if you are considering wearing a Gemstone for astrological reasons. It is important to know whether a gemstone is right for you or not as its negative effects can be seriously harmful.